Loaded - Can't Stop Won't Stop 7''
Love A - Split 12''
Koeter - Split 12''
Bar - s/t LP/CD
CanYouCanCan - Step By Step 7''
Monkeeman - Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes LP
Hard-ons - Peel Me Like A Egg LP/CD
New records: Loaded - 7" | CanYouCanCan - 7" | Love A/Koeter - Split 12" |Monkeeman - LP | Hard-ons - LP/CD | Bar - LP/CD

Can't Stop Won't Stop


To celebrate 20 years since Mannheim punk band LOADED’s inception in 1994, ROOKIE RECORDS is releasing a limited edition 7-inch featuring two brand new tracks of “pressure drop punk rock and desperate poetry.” Housed in a gorgeous hand-screened, hand-stamped, hand-numbered sleeve by Götzilla (ROCKPOSTER/ANTIGHOST), the single will be limited to 300 copies on red vinyl. Not just for friends of The Clash, The Specials, Rancid, or The Flatliners, “CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP” shows LOADED at the top of their game, still burning with the same fire it did at their very first gig 20 years ago! Title track plus „Everlasting Minute“ on the flip.

On tour:
28.11.14 Fürth, Kopf und Kragen
20.12.14 Wiesloch, Rock & Pop Verein
27.12.14 Berlin, Clash
30.12.14 Leipzig, Conne Island (Loikaemie Abschiedskonzert)

Split (Love A/Koeter)


Two new songs each of the friendly bands from Trier and Cologne. Love A present „Atomstrom“ and the more melancholic „Die Die Die“. Additional we listen to an awesome remix by their Düsseldorf buddies of Antilopen Gang, putting „Die Die Die“ into the dance rap grinder and picking up the original lyrics in a perfect way. Koeter deliver two songs too, namely „Bessere Affen“ and „Punkt Null“. For the bonus track they have Killerlady aka Junge/EA 80 at the remixer: „Bessere Affen“ with backwards vocals and kinda punk piano – worth listening aswell! Printed inner sleeves with lyrics, incl. download code.

Step By Step

front (2400px)

In cooperation with Bakraufarfita Records, two songs on the debut single!
Beat, Soul, Mod, Scooter, Vespa PX, drinks, suits, dance… it’s northern soul played by a band being a long time first class insider tip. A nine member all-star ensemble formed by ex-Frau Doktor-singer Üni to play soul with brass and organ. Of course, it doesn’t work without a wink: white trash sound, sixties beat with a distorted psycho mandolin or smart blue eyed soul with four-part vocals or tasty arranged catchy tooters. I have a simple song here to sing while you’re twisting an shinglingI keep on and you start to shout we’re doing the boogaloo and freaking out we’re freaking out, yeah!

On tour:
19.12.14 Berlin, Lido *
20.12.14 Hamburg, Markthalle *
21.12.14 Essen, Turock *
22.12.14 München, Backstage *
23.12.14 Frankfurt, Batschkapp *
17.01.15 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (Kesselhaus Eröffnung)
14.02.15 Köln, Sonic Ballroom
28.02.15 Erfurt, Engelsburg
* mit Peter & The Test Tube Babies

s/t (Bar)


BAR is the result of three former Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet members, Jens Teichmann, Markus Heinzel and Oliver Maier. Plus Jeremy Dhome who joined the band as their new drummer. The LLLQ has been touring, playing and releasing music in all, for now more than 12 years. Probably every city other than Freiburg functions better for that purpose and this is the reason why the guys were better off performing in over nine diffrent countries within Europe. But now they’re on to new musical targets – raising the BAR. If you think about it for a second – the bandname BAR has a lot of meaning.

On tour:
03.12.14 Freiburg, Swamp
04.12.14 CH-Schaffhausen, Cardinal
05.12.14 Bonn, Bla
06.12.14 Kiel, Sterntaucher
07.12.14 Hamburg, Pooca Bar
08.12.14 Kim Bar
09.12.14 Hamburg, Molotow
10.12.14 Halle, Brohmers
11.12.14 Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
12.12.14 Heidelberg, Villa Nachttanz
13.12.14 Ulm, Stadt Heidenheim (Heidi)

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