Pascow - Diene der Party
Statues On Fire - Phoenix
Big John Bates - Black Timber Bitter Root
The Sigourney Weavers - Passenger
The Stanfields - For King And Country
Bitume - Zeichen
Love A - Irgendwie
New records: Pascow - Diene der Party LP/CD | Big John Bates - Black Timber 7" | Bitume - Zeichen LP | Statues On Fire - Phoenix LP |

Diene der Party


The fifth longplayer „Diene der Party“ („serve the party“) turns out to be full Pascow-esk album directly from the start. German speaking punkrock: from fast to furious, from melodic to catchy, from critical to gloomy, from ironical to witty. Expand grown qualities, explore new ones – this is how you could summarize the 15 songs. Where you once found coded lyrics you’ll find clearer statements nowadays. But after all it is still all about the songs, the melodies and the energy. At the same time the boys are moving onto new ground. The title track sounds surprisingly new and different. Most notably the driving beat of the drums and bass, guitars lurking from behind and the demanding vocals which we haven’t heard like that before. The song “Castle Rock” comes along with dance-punk influences, a hitting bass combined with snotty singing. An extremely manifold album, but still offering the musical familiarity we knew so far. Up to now their strongest record with 15 intelligent, premium punk rock songs, recorded at Studio 45 and produced by Kurt Ebelhäuser. The coloured vinyl comes with an extra thick booklet and a download code, CD in a nice digipak with 20 page booklet.

Black Timber Bitter Root

BJB_Black Timber_Front

New 2-track single for the upcoming European tour in April/May. Title track plus “Bitter Root” on the flip. Limited press run of 200 copies only, coloured vinyl, stamped and hand numbered cover! Black Timber says many people will to run your life for you but you have to wake up and take charge of your life before you run out of time. Bitterroot is about living in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley and not fitting in while everyone else accepts staying there and being numb. Engineered by Christopher Ray (Winter 2013/2014). Recorded at Deep Cove Studios and the Hora Morior Compoun. Mixed by David Carswell at JCDC Studios, mastered by Justin Carl Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering.

11.04.14 Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
12.04.14 Berlin, Wild at Heart
14.04.14 A-Wien, B72
16.04.14 A-Linz, Stadtwerkstatt
17.04.14 Stuttgart, Goldmarks
19.04.14 I- Montecchio Maggiore (Vicence) – e20 Underground
20.04.14 I-Vicense, tbc
21.04.14 I-Turin, BlahBlah
23.04.14 CH-Baden, Royal
24.04.14 Köln, Sonic Ballroom
25.04.14 Frankfurt, 11er
26.04.14 A-Innsbruck, PMK
30.04.14 Trier, ExHaus
02.05.14 NL-Utrecht, DB’s
07.05.14 Osnabrück, Kleine Freiheit
08.05.14 Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
09.05.14 Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang
10.05.14 Braunschweig, tbc


Bitume Cover_300dpi_1200px

With their 6th long player BITUME are setting a sign for themselves and their gentle listeners in form of 13 songs that put in a nutshell what constituted the band throughout their 13 years. BITUME is on the cover and BITUME is inside the box. The sign is visually tangible and a physical experience – it is loud, it is unwieldy and it does not care about this or that style. Everything is allowed and everything is held together by the long-term love for PUNK – that breathes catchy melodies – that throws around refrains that do not want to leave the ears – that does not care about so many things, but cares about others. You can read the sign in form of lyrics that tell on the one hand stories like those of diaries from the 90ies and on the other do not forget the here and now. Flat is only the land in which they have been written. The look back needs thereby a bit of emotion, a healthy skosh of melancholy and a Northern-German perspective. For capturing this a certain aesthetic of the tone is necessary which binds the content in a perfect shell. Wait for the sign!



Statues On Fire from São Paulo play together since last year only, but founding members Andre and Lalo have written punk rock history with their former band Nitrominds in the last 18 years. “Phoenix” is a great mix of fast forward punk rock, melodic hardcore and a slice of Metal. If you ask for comparisons: Propagandhi meets Dag Nasty and Sucidal Tendencies. 11 songs in ca. 40 minutes, with fantastic guitars and great hooklines, hard & heavy sound combined with catchy melodies. Limited vinyl, with printed inner sleeves and download codes.

SOF live:
10.04.14 NL-Utrecht, DBS
11.04.14 Köln, Sonic Ballroom
12.04.14 Schwerte, Rattenloch
13.04.14 NL-Nimwegen, De Bijstand
14.04.14 A-Hohenems, Prokontra
15.04.14 Saarbrücken, Nilles
16.04.14 Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
17.04.14 Kiel, Hansa 48
19.04.14 Berlin, Tommyhaus
20.04.14 Zittau, Emil

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