Illegale Farben - s/t (LP/CD; ab 25.03.)
Rookie-Fest am 2.4. im Gebäude 9
The Stanfields - Clubtour vom 22.-31. März
Steakknife - One Eyed Bomb (LP/CD)
Die Aeronauten - Heinz (LP/CD)
Sedlmeir - Melodien sind sein Leben (LP/CD)
New records: The Stanfields - Modem Operandi LP/CD | Steakknife - One Eyed Bomb LP/CD | Die Aeronauten - Heinz LP/CD | Sedlmeir - Melodien sind sein Leben LP/CD

Modem Operandi


On 18. September comes the fourth longplayer of the Eastcoats Canadians called Modem Operandi. First time listening we were really suprised as the band did expand their repertoire in a very special and unique style. From Rock’n’Roll, that might fill arena, to acoustic sessions at the bar the Macs and Murphys integrate blues and experimental influences, that still have their scottish-Irish roots.Jason Wright at the bouzouki and Craig Harris on bass and mandoline left the band for private reasons. We welcome Calen Kinneyan (bouzouki and Fidel) and Dillan Tate on Bass.

22.03.16 Hannover, Lux
23.03.16 Hamburg, Goldener Salon (Hafenklang)
24.03.16 Berlin, Privatclub
25.03.16 Bremen, Schlachthof Magazinkeller
26.03.16 Weinheim, Café Central
27.03.16 Köln, Lotta (Akustik-Set)
28.03.16 Köln, Sonic Ballroom
29.03.16 Konstanz, Kulturladen
30.03.16 Augsburg, Soho Club
31.03.16 München, Sunny Red

One Eyed Bomb


On the 25th of September we gonna release the new album ‘One Eyed Bomb’. We hear the typical Angry Samoans style, the nervous Dead Kennedys sound and the manic-depressive driving style of Jesus Lizard. 16 songs in 37 minutesMinuten 16 Songs, fast and furious, Steakknife at its best! One Eyed Bomb comes out on vinyl with MP3 and CD. Limited vinyl press run on No Balls Records!

26.02.16 Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa
27.02.16 Hamburg, Hafenklang
11.03.16 Siegen, VEB
12.03.16 Lübeck, Treibsand
02.04.16 Köln, Gebäude 9 (20 Jahre Rookie)
16.04.16 Neunkirchen, Neue Gebläsehalle (Antattack Festival)
03.06.16 F- Dijon, Les Tanneries
04.06.16 F- tba
17.06.16 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (+ Illegale Farben)


Cover Aeronauten Heinz CMYK

Switzerland’s greatest indie-pop band, feat. singer, producer and theatre musician Oliver “Guz” Maurmann,” show top form. 10 tracks which have all facets of their unique style in telling stories with music and combining lyrics and sound to something bigger. Great melodies meet their driving brass section, charming lyrics meet everyday life absurdities of the 40+ generation. These guys are likeable and truthful, their music is timeless, good and extremely danceable. 10 Songs on vinyl, thereof three instrumentals, one sung in Swiss German, the CD bonus track ‘Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan ‘ even in Dutch!

22.01.16 CH-Frauenfeld, Eisenwerk
23.01.16 CH-St. Gallen, Palace
13.02.16 CH-Basel, Hirscheneck
19.02.16 CH-Biel, le Singe
05.03.16 CH-Zürich, El Lokal
31.03.16 Augsburg, Soho Stage
01.04.16 Erfurt, Engelsburg
02.04.16 Leipzig, Villa Hasenholz
03.04.16 Essen, Zeche Carl
26.05.16 Frankfurt, Zoom
28.05.16 Bremen, Tower
03.06.16 CH-Hallau, Hallauer Open Air

Melodien sind sein Leben


With guitar, retro-future-eclectronics and his weakness for ‘dirty chansons’ Sedlmeir creats his own niche in the show business: the ‘Hard Schlager’! He deconstructs his vanity with poetry, demeanor and black humour and shines as he would have an engagement in Las Vegas at the times of 1970. His source is a bottomless pit: the duality of everything, the glamour of the dirty, the shabbiness of splendidity. 12 tracks which oscillate between pop, rock and chanson: melodies are his life!

28.01.16 Leipzig, Stoned
29.01.16 Chemnitz, Exil
30.01.16 Pinnewitz, Schloss Pinnewitz
04.03.16 Karlsruhe, KoHi
05.03.16 Freiburg, Slow Club
01.04.16 Dresden, Ostpol
02.04.16 Leipzig, Hotel Seeblick
16.04.16 Berlin, Wild at Heart
20.04.16 Berlin, Heimathafen (Ahne’s Buchpremiere)
30.04.16 CH-Zürich, Helsinki Klub

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