The Noise - East Of First 7
Love A - Split 12 (VÖ: 19.09.)
Koeter - Split 12 (VÖ: 19.09.)
Monkeeman - Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes (VÖ: 26.09.)
Hard-ons - Peel Me Like A Egg (VÖ: 26.09.)
The Sigourney Weavers - Blockbuster
The Town Heroes - Sunday Movies
Pascow - Diene der Party
The Stanfields - For King And Country
Statues On Fire - Phoenix
New records: The Noise - 7" | Love A/Koeter - Split 12" |Monkeeman - Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes LP | The Sigourney Weavers - Blockbuster LP/CD | The Town Heroes - Sunday Movies CD

Split (Love A/Koeter)


Two new songs each of the friendly bands from Trier and Cologne. Love A present „Atomstrom“ and the more melancholic „Die Die Die“. Additional we listen to an awesome remix by their Düsseldorf buddies of Antilopen Gang, putting „Die Die Die“ into the dance rap grinder and picking up the original lyrics in a perfect way. Koeter deliver two songs too, namely „Bessere Affen“ and „Punkt Null“. For the bonus track they have Killerlady aka Junge/EA 80 at the remixer: „Bessere Affen“ with backwards vocals and kinda punk piano – worth listening aswell! Printed inner sleeves with lyrics, incl. download code.

Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes


After three releases in 2005, 2007 and 2009 Monkeeman took a longer pause and are now back with a 12-song album flavoured with authentic British Powerpop and influences of Mod-Rock. The four Monkeemen grew up listening to bands like The Jam, The Clash, The Who, The Small Faces and so on and from their younger days as teenagers they believed in bands with attitude with songs and lyrics reflecting on the lives of working class people. Political songs like Dropping bombs on the parliament“ reflect their determined opposition against uncontrolled, rampant capitalism, bankers and corrupt politicians. Indeed, the whole album challenges the very abuse of power in modern capitalistic societies and how working people struggle to survive in a world of unrelenting greed and lack of choice in political parties across the spectrum.



The Sigourney Weavers from smalltown Luvika, in the nowhere of Sweden, have all qualities you are looking for as label: musically well educated, coupled with the perfect sense for catchy melodies. The quintet knows how to write a good song, without just copying/stealing. After releasing a limited tour single we are proud to present their second full album. On “Blockbuster” you find twelve songs showing a wider range of different genres. “Passenger” might remind you of early The Killers, slightly balladesk and opulent, with a arena rock impression. Others have powerpop hooklines, brit-pop guitars, rock influences or even ska/off beat parts that makes you think of Madness or Caesars. Great melodies with the very unique Swedish slice of melancholy.

Sunday Movies


The Town Heroes are an alternative rock power duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, crafting catchy, lyrical, hard-hitting and anthemic songs that sound like a party you wish you were at. Although minimalist in terms of numbers, their sound is anything but that. Self-described as “The most noise two Cape Bretoners can make”, that noise is a cascade of passion, urgency and belief in their songs. On stage they move like intense caricatures–soaked in sweat, pushing every chord, note and beat to the limit. A structured wall of sound emerges; familiar yet distinctive. The Town Heroes have fully embraced the ideals of a two-piece rock band. Camaraderie shows in their musicianship, the song-writing highlights what they are: Two friends, playing music for the love of it, in it for the long haul. Their songs are an honest approach to the trials and tribulations of life, taking into consideration small town values, coming of age, intriguing people encountered, friendship, hope and the various conflicts that arise from a jobless island and its steady outflow of people.

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