The Sigourney Weavers - Burning Eye EP
Illegale Farben - Staub (digital)
Love A - Jagd und Hund LP/CD
Big John Bates - From The Bestiary To The Leathering Room LP/CD
Puta Madre Brothers - Amor Y Basura 12''
New records: Love A - Jagd und Hund LP/CD | Puta Madre Brothers - Amor Y Basura LP | Koeter - Caribbean Nights LP | Big John Bates - From The Bestiary... LP/CD

Jagd und Hund


„Jagd und Hund“ („Hunt And Dog“), the so called difficult third album, still shows punk roots but stronger influences of indie (rock), wave and post punk draw a more distinguished picture this time. Oscillating between hope and resignation the personal disaster meets the big catastrophe. More reflected and finally grown up, without getting boring. Darkness, sorrow and anger and the typical slice of insanity are still part of the unique Love A universe.
Twelve songs show all facets from rough to ruthless to melancholic, with a special focus on mankind’s silliness and bluntness. „Jagd und Hund“ succeeds in arriving without pausing.
With the help of Robert Whiteley, Liverpool located producer (Wombats, Hot Club De Paris, Voo), recordings mirror perfectly the band’s sound which is unique and catchy at the same time. Vinyl comes in gatefold cover and with download code.

11.07.15 Theley, Volcano Festival
16.07.15 Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer (+ Pascow)
17.07.15 Reutlingen, KuRT Festival
18.07.15 Freiburg, Slow Club
07.08.15 Eschwege, Open Flair
08.08.15 Tarmstedt, Rock den Lukas
28.08.15 Meppen, Kleinstadtfest
29.08.15 Herne, KAZ Open Air
12.09.15 Trier, Exhaus – Love Gets Dangerous Festival
19.09.15 Leipzig, Conne Island – Angst macht keinen Lärm (+Turbostaat, Pascow)
24.09.15 Oberhausen, Druckluft
25.09.15 Flensburg, Volxbad
26.09.15 Erfurt, Engelsburg
30.09.15 Frankfurt, Elfer
01.10.15 Nürnberg, Desi
02.10.15 München, Feierwerk (Rage Against Abschiebung)
03.10.15 Würzburg, Cairo
04.10.15 Karlsruhe, Jubez
21.10.15 Bonn, Harmonie (Crossroads Festival/WDR Rockpalast)

Amor Y Basura


It has been three long boring years since the mariachi rock en roll inbreds released their last album It’s A Long Long Way To Meximotown. Why? Nobody knows why. In late 2012 they exclaimed “we have won the war we went out to fight. Taco stands have crept into all of society, our job here is complete.”. So they called one last show, then played a few more, and one more, and another, etcetera. The truth might be that they went to live in Florida without visas, worked as ukulele repair men, acquired terrible drug habits and gave many children a fatherless mother. The truth might live in a forgotten novel. Then in December 2014 they came back to Mexicow, three overweight has-beens, with some urging to get fit, make some more new dance music, and put that stuff in their hair again. Over 2 evenings they recorded 8 new hit tunes, 8 new short sharp hit tunes, squashed them together and here it is, AMOR Y BASURA, the new short/fast-album from PUTA MADRE BROTHERS. The third!

30.06.15 Köln, Sonic Ballroom
01.07.15 NL-Amsterdam, Ot301
02.07.15 B-Brüssel, Recyclart
03.07.15 Frankfurt, Das Bett
04.07.15 Stuttgart, Goldmarks
07.07.15 A-Wien, Chelsea
08.07.15 München, Milla
10.07.15 Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
11.07.15 Pegnitz, Waldstock Open Air
14.07.15 CH-Fribourg, Les Georges Festival
16.07.15 F-Colmar, Natala Festival
17.07.15 Ulm, Kradhalle
18.07.15 CH-Zürich, El Lokal
21.07.15 Hamburg, Hafenklang
22.07.15 Berlin, Cortina Bob
23.07.15 Halle, Objekt 5
24.07.15 Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang
25.07.15 Lübeck, Treibsand

Caribbean Nights

KOETER Caribbean Nights Cover Front 2400px RGB

We are proud to present 10 new songs in ca. 30 minutes. Lyrics are dealing in a smart and reflected but frank and vicoius way with silliness of mankind and stiffness of systems. The sound oscillates between „Deutschpunk“ without the standard cliches and indie sound with the biting wit. Two guitars performing harmonic arcs of meldies but still roaring, a pumping bass without being Disco, the drum set chattering and Michi’s cheeky way of singing make the song just perfect. Chutzpa wins, in lyrics too, everybody’s getting one’s just deserts, clever and smart. Caribbean Nights was recorded by Robert Whiteley in Liverpool and mastered by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto Studios.

11.07.15 Karlsruhe, Werderstraßenfest
22.08.15 Hamburg, Störtebeker (+ Klotzs)
29.08.15 Herne, KAZ Open Air

From the Bestiary to the Leathering Room


Big John Bates is initiating you into their Southern Gothic Death Cult; a band with an orchestral edge of ”heavy-hearted cello, weeping upright and come-hither guitars”. Every piece was painstakingly brought together from the album art created by Santiago Caruso (Pan’s Labyrinth) to the mixing David Carswell (Teagan & Sara, New Pornographers). Songwriting, vocals and the heavy lifting is all from Brandy Bones & Big John Bates. Along with upright bass Brandy contributed violin, cello and thumb piano while John broke into his collection of guitars, dobros and percussion.

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