Love A - Nichts ist neu LP/CD
Keele - Gut und dir LP/CD
Puerto Hurraco Sisters - Goin' Out LP/CD (VÖ: 30.06.)
The Sewer Rats - Heartbreaks And Milkshakes LP/CD
Pascow - Lost Heimweh DVD + Fotobuch + 10''
Bitume - Aku LP
Love A - Nichts ist neu | Keele - Gut und dir | The Sewer Rats - Heartbreaks And Milkshakes | Pascow - Lost Heimweh

Nichts ist neu


Nothing is new and easy least of all. The title of the fouth album title couldn’t sound more fatalistic.
And that’s the truth, partly. You cannot stop, even things won’t change, alone or with your band. And then you write 12 songs you wanna present to the World. Author and musician Dirk Bernemann about Love A: „Love A is like one of these scenes in a film noir when someone is screaming like from nowhere and you just expected him to lie down and go on smoking. Then there’s an explosion and someone keeps on screaming. Main point, everybody’s screaming! But these screams are fueled by a feeling of being precisely pissed, that won’t change into conformity. Lyrics that no high achiever would be happy with – music like crooked architecture, that you are forced to look at.“ Btw, the songs „Kanten“ and „Weder noch“, out so far only on a very limited single, are both on the album due to demand of their fans. Nothing is new. Exactly!

Love A Nichts ist Live Tour 2017:
22.04.17 Neunkirchen, Antattack Festival
11.05.17 Münster, Gleis 22
12.05.17 Nürnberg, Desi
13.05.17 Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg
24.05.17 Hamburg, Molotow
25.05.17 Düsseldorf, Zakk
26.05.17 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (+ Keele)
27.05.17 Leipzig, Conne Island (+ Keele)
01.07.17 Trier, Sommerbühne Festival @Exhaus
14.07.17 Dortmund, Youth Brigade Festival
21./22.07.17 Cuxhaven, Deichbrand Festival
20.-23.09.17 Hamburg, Reeperbahnfestival
29.09.17 Hannover, Faust
30.09.17 Flensburg, Volxbad
01.10.17 Rostock, PWH
02.10.17 Bremen, Tower
27.10.17 Weinheim, Café Central
28.10.17 Koblenz, Circus Maximus
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Nice hard tickets here: to Love A Shop

Gut und dir

Keele - Gut und dir

Keele is Rookie’s first band from Hamburg, and the first one we signed without recommandations by friends or the Rookie family. They just satisfied with their application and the following showscase. Keele sound hanseatic without just copying the „Hamburger Schule“ style, they write manifold songs without losing their profile, ask important questions without dictating answers and wrap the whole in an album that does not sound like a debut at all. Keele were musically affected in the years of 2000 by the big wave of US hardcore, punk and emo bands like Thrice, Alexisonfire, Ignite or Thursday, but in the last years they also developed a soft spot for German singing hardcore/punk bands à la Escapado and Muff Potter and indies like Tomte and Herrenmagazin.

28.04.17 Hamburg, Hafenklang (Releaseparty)
24.05.17 Oberhausen Druckluft
25.05.17 Köln, Tsunami
26.05.17 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (+ Love A)
27.05.17 Leipzig, Conne Island (+ Love A)
28.05.17 Berlin, Badehaus
15.06.17 Kiel, Schaubude
16.06.17 Flensburg, Volksbad
Presented by Ox Fanzine/livegigs.de and Visions.
Copyright band fotos: Charles Engelken

Heartbreaks And Milkshakes

SR H&M front_web

They must have been listening to a whole lot of METHADONES, LILLINGTONS and QUEERS while driving down those west-coast highways during the last couple of years. Thus it comes as no big surprise that all those tours in the warm California pop-punk-sun made their way into the sound of the band’s new material.
In contrast to their last album „Wild at Heart“, which included mostly upright bass and a far more billy-oriented sound, the band uses Rickenbacker electric bass and guitar on their third studio album „Heartbreaks & Milkshakes“, making it way punker and in-your-face. Even though in terms of style the band still sticks to their guns of slicked-back-Ness a lá Mike-1994 and vegan leatherjackets, their old-school Vans are now both feet on skate decks. The 12 album tracks mostly clock-in way under 3 minutes, bursting with juvenile energy and catchy-ness. All in all the new record sounds very 90s and a lot like summer and kinda makes you wanna call up your friends to go skate and eat burritos, drink Tecate and maybe get tattooed afterwards.

05.05.17 Aachen, Musikbunker
06.05.17 Düsseldorf, The Tube
13.05.17 Herne, Mad Drunken Monkey Fest
26.05.17 Hannover, Chez Heinz
27.05.17 Berlin, Wild At Heart
17.06.17 Hemer, Wispafestival
01.07.17 Bamberg, Sound n Arts
05.08.17 München, Free & Easy Festival

Lost Heimweh


LOST HEIMWEH is a film about the history and origin of the band PASCOW, about their tour in D.I.Y. clubs, which took place in late summer/fall 2015. The film itself is only released as a box set containing the following parts:

1. Film + bonus footage and streaming-code
The bonus footage shows the set list of the LOST HEIMWEH Tour in a complete live version, a special about their musical roots and influences, the history of „Die mächtigen Cordula“, the early live mascott, all video clips including the unreleased EROCOME, and a collection of take outs, that didn’t make it into the film.
2. Vinyl 10“ soundtrack + download code with eight Pascow songs, interpreted and recorded by friendly bands.
3. Photo book with sizes 20,5 x 27,8 cm consists of 120 pages of photo optimised 150 gram paper. All pictures are high quality four color print and were taken by Andreas Langfeld and Kay Özdemir.
4. Metal pin of the raven of the „Diene der Party“ album cover in each box. The pin is two-colored and 3,5 x 2 cm large.

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