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29.11.13 Wilhemshaven, Kling Klang
13.12.13 Göttingen, Juz
14.12.13 Eberswalde, Exil
14.02.14 A-Wien, Arena
15.02.14 A-Steyr, Kulturverein Röda

The Storytailor

lim. coloured LP/CD (on 24.02.)
The Storytailor, a craftsman who tangles stories like clothes, spinning words, sowing storylines and who is able to change stories with every needle or add lines with every thread.
That Storytailor is the basis of a new Bambix album. An album containing 12 very different new songs. Ranging from heavy, melancholic, cheerful, powerful tunes to a personal acoustic one. Recorded by Nico van Montfort (Heidevolk, Earth Crisis, Antillectual) who completely understood Bambix’ vision, giving the songs the intensity they need. After 20 years in the game, Bambix are still going and are still as bratty as ever, sneering as they tackle their favorite subjects in which they stand up for the underdog, the only lonely at the bar, the ones that have their hearts dripping on the floor, outcasts, a better world where ties are made to be broken, the individual keeps on shouting and refuses to be a lame couch potato. This time front woman Wick Bambix deals with very personal matters like the death of her father and the birth of son Silas. Cover was designed by Larkin, a surreal NY artist, whose two paintings are showing a hare and a fox, Victorian style, in quilted suits. Storytailored suits. Enemies they are, with their own stories but yet of the same family, it seems. Vinyl comes with download code!

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