Follow up project of Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet from Freiburg.
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The bad news first: Nothing is going to be okay. And the good news? There is none, not if you believe in the sound of BAR. It is dark, pure and melancholic. But hold on! You’re wrong if you think you’re dealing with a grumpy gang here. Maybe it helps to adopt the subtle humor of the four musicians from Freiburg. But, actually it isn’t all so dramatic as it seems. This thing called love. And life. And so on. Because: We’re all going to die, anyway.
BAR is the result of three former Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet members, Jens Teichmann, Markus Heinzel and Oliver Maier. Plus Jeremy Dhome who joined the band as their new drummer. The LLLQ has been touring, playing and releasing music in all, for now more than 12 years. Probably every city other than Freiburg functions better for that purpose and this is the reason why the guys were better off performing in over nine diffrent countries within Europe. But now they’re on to new musical targets – raising the BAR. If you think about it for a second – the bandname BAR has a lot of meaning
Talking about new targets doesn’t mean that the old will be burried. It’s more about taking the style of LLLQ to the next level. Which has always been hard to categorize. Ultra Lounge, Country Doom, Afterhour Slowrock. One could say: Smoke filled backgroundmusic, pure Country-Billy-Blues, songs in cinemascope-format. Thanks to the music journalists! Hear the dominating contrabass in ”Everything I know”. In ”Amphetamine” the guitar sounds similiar to the intro music of a western. Teichmann tells and sings darksome lyrics, that remain: ”I had fallen asleep, my body felt like a pretzel.” This simply is the soundtrack you want to hear at midnight in your favourite bar.
BAR released their first Vinyl-7” in december 2013. ”Nothing is going to be okay”. With the cologne based record label Rookie-Records, BAR will release their first LP, which will carry the same title as the Band. It will be out in november 2014. A tour will follow. Isn’t that good news?

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