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AKU – BITUME present themselves on their 7th full length album in a special acoustic version.
It started in 2015 with a special concert request and it evolved into a constant part of BITUME with an independent existence. Needless to say, the bustling musicians wanted to record and release this other side of BITUME. AKU, the album – recorded live. 13 songs, everyone in one room, maximum purity, minimum effects. Back to the roots! The selection of songs on AKU is taken from the comprehensive repertoire of the last years and is complemented by new songs. How AKU sounds?
As if a rockabilly bass player has met with a Jazz piano player and a punk drummer in order to extend the sound with the exceptional tone of a turkish Saz and a country guitar so as to complete this acoustic picture with melodic polyphonic vocals with German lyrics with love for details and far away from any platitude. The upright bass is steering the band danceable into the world of street music combined with heartache, temporary drama, recurrence to classic beat music, Polka and Gypsy Folk! Fire and Water!
A whole new perspective arose through new instruments and additional musicians – a fresh view on the own music! That is not much quieter and also not slower, but more tidied up and above all danceable and fresh – as if the songs have been waiting to be allowed to jump into their new clothes. BITUME reinvented and reinterpreted themselves!

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With their 6th long player BITUME are setting a sign for themselves and their gentle listeners in form of 13 songs that put in a nutshell what constituted the band throughout their 13 years. BITUME is on the cover and BITUME is inside the box. The sign is visually tangible and a physical experience – it is loud, it is unwieldy and it does not care about this or that style. Everything is allowed and everything is held together by the long-term love for PUNK – that breathes catchy melodies – that throws around refrains that do not want to leave the ears – that does not care about so many things, but cares about others. You can read the sign in form of lyrics that tell on the one hand stories like those of diaries from the 90ies and on the other do not forget the here and now. Flat is only the land in which they have been written. The look back needs thereby a bit of emotion, a healthy skosh of melancholy and a Northern-German perspective. For capturing this a certain aesthetic of the tone is necessary which binds the content in a perfect shell. Wait for the sign!

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Catchy Punkrock from Germany’s North.



LOLCH – the 5th album contains 13 songs. Music that shows the lovely relationship of bitume to the history of punkmusic. The songs are based on catchy guitar melodies – varies between fast and short vs. intensive and tricky slower songs. Everything we except from this band. Independent, attractive and this time more intensive. Punkmusic in the year 2010 that makes no expectations – straightforward and never boring. The lyrics are miles away from mainstream – clever – lyrical – well observed and sometimes caught between two chairs. No false compromises that`s why it is worth living for.

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Gut im Trend | LP/CD (sold out!)

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