Party Killer

CD (Release date: 16.01.2015)
Stadium Rock for rockers without stadiums: “Partykiller” is the 4th album from Colognes hard rock killers “Black Sheriff”. Recorded in Gernhart studios, home of legends like Paul Di’Anno and Destruction to name a couple, Party Killer is the Sheriff´s hardest rocking album yet. Black sheriff are known for the perfect mix of punk and hardrock, although this time the punk influence is hidden in the background and the hard rock, hair metal influences seep through with songs like “Fire of Love” and “Heavy Metal Hooker”. A few surprises are also comin in with “Ride the Thunder”, also known as Glen´s country fun, and “The World is Over” a Danzigesque fuck off ballad. This album is definitely a step up musically and lyrically. You can hear that the band has grown together and played a hell of a lot. No song is like the other although they all fit together like a Rubik’s Cube, if these were made out of beer, cigarettes and whiskey!

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Black Sheriff

Black Sheriff are the Irish/German rock foundation! Black Sheriff have been kickin ass around europe since 2007. On the spot rhythms with double lead guitars is a hell of a reminder of bands like Thin Lizzy or AC/DC but with the punk rock attitude of bands like Airbourne, Gluecifer or Turbonegro. You never know where these guys are gonna be on stage, if they ever decide to stay on the stage! No bar is safe, no scaffolding unclimbed, these guys will give you the rock show you’ve always wanted and more! These guys are looking to rock every place they can. No bar is too small, no festival too big, it’s all about giving the people what they wanna see, if two people show up, they paid their dues and are gonna get exactly the same show that 2000 people are gonna get. So let these guys in, you won’t regret it, you’ll want them back every time!

Night Terrors

limited coloured LP/CD
For those of you who think of country and western when you hear the name Black Sheriff, you´re completely wrong! Black Sheriff from Cologne stand for the perfect mix of sweat driven rock and energetic punk. “Night Terrors” won’t win any prizes for innovation and that’s not what the band is looking for! The German-Irish formation based around front man “Glen Ravioli” have been wreaking havoc since 2007 and their third album delivers their masterpiece: Hard rock ´n´ Roll in the vein of Supersuckers combined with Gluecifer and a good pinch of AC/DC and Motörhead. Live the band delivers the goods with furious guitars, thundering bass, Marshall stacks turned up all the way to 10 and on top of all that Glen’s rough and hard vocals. Black Sheriff are full of that middle finger attitude, pure energy and the joy of doing what they do best. 12 songs, with one or the other sound citation that should make every good rock n roll fan a happy man! The limited edition vinyl includes an exclusive bonus track and download code!

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