Motherfucker Jazz Bar

Coloured LP/ Digipak CD

DIVING FOR SUNKEN TREASURE are hoisting the sails again with 14 new songs on board. The journey continues where the pre-released single „Caravan“ has left us waiting: rougher, louder and more unpredictable than it´s predecessor, „Motherfucker Jazz Bar“ comes with more distortion and twangy guitars that bring Tarantino soundtracks to mind.
Stakkato drums, double bass, harmonized vocals and highspeed acoustic guitars remain the fundament of DFST´s trademark gypsy-punk sound. With intimate recordings from the belly of the whale (in this case an old brewery in Neukölln/Berlin), produced in the usual rough manner by Sebastian Kiefer, DFST leave the safe port to throw established clichées overboard. Don´t miss them on their „Motherfucker Jazz Bar Release Tour“ early this year.

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Diving For Sunken Treasure

The Berlin Gypsy punks with their unique mixture of swing, rockabilly and punk!


Coloured 7″ (Release date: 27.04.)
As a teaser for the upcoming album in autumn, these gypsy punks from Berlin deliver two new songs that cement their excellence but also venture into uncharted territory. “Caravan” is 100% DFST: Too fast to be Blues, too dirty to be Swing. Somehow, it´s Gypsy, but for that it´s too Rockabilly. The verse: longingly. The refrain: directly from the heart. The lyrics: imprinted by the life and trouble in a caravan. New in their repertoire: wah wah guitar solo and a brass section. But both fit perfectly into the unique sound of these musical treasure divers. On the flip with “Dalai lama” DFST recall their punk and hardcore background and present a bastard offspring with stomping beats and odd and even cacophonic sounds that unravel in a Beatles like finale. Limited coloured vinyl (500 copies).

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Digipak CD (Reissue in cooperation with Blackriver)
Too fast to be Blues, too dirty to be Swing. Somehow, it´s Gypsy, but for that it´s too Rockabilly.
Voices that sing tales of a life, that – given their age – the narrators shouldn´t have been through yet. With the band, for the band and against the band. Gypsy-Punk from Berlin!

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