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With Komplex Genepool is releasing their sixth studio album and they are still cutting their own path. The band again created something new, a reinvention/relounge of sound and style. Their unique mix of wave and post punk is extended by keyboards and electronic gadgets instead of using two drum sets. Komplex offers 10 great songs with ca. 40 minutes running time, recorded by Kurt Ebelhäuser and mastered by Andi Jung. The album will be released as a real collector’s item: limited vinyl packaged in a hand-crafted cover, hand numbered and each initialed by one of the band members to prove who of the boys did all the hand work.

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80s Wave-Punk performed by the BluNoise family tribe.



lim. LP/CD (2011)
Spalter (Divider) is the new record by Genepool. And it´s their masterpiece. One reason is the quality of their song writing, which has reached new heights – even though their former record Lauf!Lauf! was released only a year ago. On the other hand singer Ian Spehr has developed a new style, leaving his predecessor, Jack Letten, way behind. To all the hysteria of Wavepunk he has introduced a new sense of calm urgency. His stories meander between the worlds of fact and fiction and between aliens and broken hearts. New influences from the depths of the eighties have also been incorporated by the production-duo Guido Lucas and Thilo Schenk. Still, Genepool never sounded so homogenous, compact, clear and straight. There´s never been more Genepool than now!

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Lauf! Lauf!

The blubox gang with Guido Lucas und Thilo Schenk present their new sound and new singer on “Lauf! Lauf!”. Ian Spehr, head and voice of Mink Stole (R.I.P.), replaced Letten and his lyrics add a new meaning and depth to the twelve tracks. There are moments of Devo, Gang of Four, and, before you know it, you hear the hymnical chorus of a postmilennium answer to the Pet Shop Boys’ “Go West” or “It´s a sin”. Genepool transfer the power of the perfect little pop song into the battle of up-beat-wave-punk, where David Bowie is riding druggish beasts, driven by the insane “Lude-basslines” from hell. The future stage will be even more cramped, because from now on one drumset is not enough. Two drummers are better than one, considering the Genepool-speed.

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