Solo projekt of the Aeronauten singer!

Der beste Freund des Menschen

Digipak CD (LP @ Ritchie Records)
Guz, also known as mastermind, frontman, lead singer and guitar player Die Aeronauten, releases with „Der beste Freund des Menschen“ (“humans best friend”) his 8th solo album. Twelve songs, orchestrated with piano, acoustic guitars and sampler mainly. The sound varies from electro rock ‘n’ roll to symphonic sounds and „Dixieland“ (New Orleans Jazz style). Guz observes carefully, once with humour, once with sarcasm, from slightly irritated to being astonished. He tells stories like no one else. Not just scratching the surface but digging deep in our potentially senseless being. In the past Guz found the bad in the good, now he finds the good in the bad. Set in music with clearly drawn und happily united antipodes. Most of the twelve tracks were recorded and produced at Guz’ own Star Track studio in the last three years. Guz, an old and despaired musician with without prospects? Not at all! And that’s why: „Wir werden immer jemand finden, den wir anpumpen können.“ (We’ll always find someone we could ask for money). Have there ever been better news?

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