Peel Me Like A Egg

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The Australian legends are back! 2014 sees the band celebrating their 30 Year Anniversary! And they still going strong, THE HARD ONS return for their first European tour in September – their first tour over in Europe for three years – and treat us to this brand new album to co-incide with the tour! This is their first new full length album in five years since 2010’s acclaimed “ALFALFA MALES ONCE SUMMER IS DONE CONFORM OR DIE” album. And to celebrate the 30 year milestone, founding member Keish Da Silva -guitar/vocals, later on drums/vocals- is back with Ray and Blackie guest featuring on some of the songs here! Featuring the usual amazing artwork from bass player Ray Ahn, its been a long time coming – but has been worth every inch of the wait.

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Suck And Swallow

Suck and swallow

Suck And Swallow: 25 Years, 25 Songs | CD | (sold out)
A staggering 25 track Best of compilation. From their first single “Surfin On My Face” right through to a brand new unreleased track “Everyone Seems To Be Out To Get You”, Suck And Swallow has the lot.


Suck and swallow

The Australian cult band.

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