Gut und dir

Debut album by Hamburg based Band Keele
Keele is Rookie’s first band from Hamburg, and the first one we signed without recommandations by friends or the Rookie family. They just satisfied with their application and the following showscase. Keele sound hanseatic without just copying the „Hamburger Schule“ style, they write manifold songs without losing their profile, ask important questions without dictating answers and wrap the whole in an album that does not sound like a debut at all. Keele were musically affected in the years of 2000 by the big wave of US hardcore, punk and emo bands like Thrice, Alexisonfire, Ignite or Thursday, but in the last years they also developed a soft spot for German singing hardcore/punk bands à la Escapado and Muff Potter and indies like Tomte and Herrenmagazin.

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28.04.17 Hamburg, Hafenklang (Releaseparty)
24.05.17 Oberhausen Druckluft
25.05.17 Köln, Tsunami
26.05.17 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (+ Love A)
27.05.17 Leipzig, Conne Island (+ Love A)
28.05.17 Berlin, Badehaus
15.06.17 Kiel, Schaubude
16.06.17 Flensburg, Volksbad
Presented by Ox Fanzine/ and Visions.


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