Unexpected Gift

It was a seven-year creative process from the first rehearsal until this release – and you can hear on these 20 (!) songs how much this band has invested. With Unexpected Gift, Kick Joneses are making themselves and us the gift of a new level of songwriting, texting, singing an arranging. What is striking is the volitionally eclectic approach. The leitmotiv of this record is that there is none. It is the amazing variety which makes it indeed an Unexpected Gift. There are pulsative and danceable songs next to fluffy pop tunes and rather rock orientated ones. But Kick Joneses are also entering new terrain after all these years. The three ballads marking this premiere are remarkably non-cheesy and wholehearted.
It is due to the quality awareness and inner freedom of this band that it dares to come in the market with a double LP and CD; they are set on a self consistent album, a coherent artwork in an with an assured sense of style, a well-thought-out musical dramaturgy and a first-class production.

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Kick Joneses

The Walter Elf follow up with Beppo and Frank of the Spermbirds.


True Freaks Union

coloured LP & CD
Kick Joneses take influence from not only the pop punk scene, but also rock, Britpop, indie and put it all into a blender to create catchy singalong anthems. The album is also available on limited edition coloured vinyl gatefold sleeve, with bonus track plus a free download code!

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Tales Of Discontent

LP/CD (sold out!)
The third album of the K-town gang: Powerpop,,late 70s/ early 80s-Punk and wave hailing their old heroes XTC, Gang of Four, Descendents or Stiff Little Fingers.

Who Put The Voodoo Into Punkrock?

CD (LP sold out!)
The second longplayer filled with 14 hits, reaching from fast punkrock, midtempo stompers with trumpet and organ to catchy pop songs and one ska track with dub outro.

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