Knucklebone Oscar

60s influenced Rock n Roll from Finland.

Welcome To Trash Vegas

coloured LP/ Digipak CD
On their fourth album the Finns have a look back to their roots: Blues, Rock n Roll, Hillbilly, Surf. A wild mixture with a goodie for everybody. The rising of Chuck Berry, Little Richard and James Brown, flavoured with some modern influences. As guitar player Tommi Ollikainen left the band we find Jarkko “Big Mac” Viinamäki, a 100 + kg bomber, on the recordings. He also helps Oscar with hard grinding guitar pyrotechnics, hyper-active moves, trash voodoo mystique, jungle specialities, axes and wailing megaphones on stage. We listen to eight originals and three cover songs, recorded at Culture House Helsinki and mixed by Rami Helin, who also worked on “Back from the Jungle”. The album got mastered by legendary Jürgen Hendlmeier.

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