Caribbean Nights

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Shortly after releasing their debut 10“ in March 2011 plans for a full album were made but then unfortunately blocked by a reshuffle on drums. The reunion took some time but now we are proud to present 10 new songs in ca. 30 minutes. Lyrics are dealing in a smart and reflected but frank and vicoius way with silliness of mankind and stiffness of systems. The sound oscillates between „Deutschpunk“ without the standard cliches and indie sound with the biting wit. Two guitars performing harmonic arcs of meldies but still roaring, a pumping bass without being Disco, the drum set chattering and Michi’s cheeky way of singing make the song just perfect. Chutzpa wins, in lyrics too, everybody’s getting one’s just deserts, clever and smart. Caribbean Nights was recorded by Robert Whiteley in Liverpool and mastered by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto Studios. The first single, Klima der Angst, which will be out on 5th of December, the longplayer will follow on the 23rd of January 2015.

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Split (Koeter/Love A)


Two new songs each of the friendly bands from Trier and Cologne. Love A present „Atomstrom“ and the more melancholic „Die Die Die“. Additional we listen to an awesome remix by their Düsseldorf buddies of Antilopen Gang, putting „Die Die Die“ into the dance rap grinder and picking up the original lyrics in a perfect way. Koeter deliver two songs too, namely „Bessere Affen“ and „Punkt Null“. For the bonus track they have Killerlady aka Junge/EA 80 at the remixer: „Bessere Affen“ with backwards vocals and kinda punk piano – worth listening aswell! Printed inner sleeves with lyrics, incl. download code.

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Punkband from Cologne

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