In their homeland, the Saarland, the five mofa rockers and her three backup singers, the MÖFACATS, already conquered more slices than the Rolling Stones and now embark on the rest of Germany!


Zauber der Magie

lim. LP
A fast two-stroke mix of 70s rock, 80s metal and 90s speed – MÖFAHEAD themselves describe their musical influences, with just “Wagner-Kraftwerk-AC/DC”. And in the texts, it also goes to the crunch: mopeds fudge, stir village discos, cola beer drinking & of course, Freedom & Freiheit and Justice & Gerechtigkeit. The album comes true to style only as a vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve, as a nod to the 2000s, a download code is included. MÖFAHEAD – a band like an octane! Even Germany’s most famous hard rock robot Sedlmeir tells MÖFAHEAD: “… makes Rose Tattoo look like nervous sailor and Monster Magnet as secretly gay“.

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