Lost Heimweh

Boxset with DVD, photo book, 10″ and metal pin
LOST HEIMWEH is a film about the history and origin of the band PASCOW, about their tour in D.I.Y. clubs, which took place in late summer/fall 2015. The film itself is only released as a box set containing the following parts:

1. Film + bonus footage and streaming-code
The bonus footage shows the set list of the LOST HEIMWEH Tour in a complete live version, a special about their musical roots and influences, the history of „Die mächtigen Cordula“, the early live mascott, all video clips including the unreleased EROCOME, and a collection of take outs, that didn’t make it into the film.
2. Vinyl 10“ soundtrack + download code
On this 10“ you’ll find eight Pascow songs, interpreted and recorded by friendly bands. Tracklist of the 10“:
The Baboon Show: Moon Over Moscow 2.24
Love A: Too Doof To Fuck 2.45
Duesenjaeger: Trampen Nach Norden 2.08
Disco//Oslo: Schiffbruch 2.17
Pil Trafa: Lauf Forrest Lauf! 1.37
Blut Hirn Schranke: The Strongest Of The Strange 1.50
Sniffing Glue: Lettre Noir 2.43
Max Freytag: Im Raumanzug 3.44
3. Photo book with sizes 20,5 x 27,8 cm consists of 120 pages of photo optimised 150 gram paper. All pictures are high quality four color print and were taken by Andreas Langfeld and Kay Özdemir.
4. Metal pin of the raven of the „Diene der Party“ album cover in each box. The pin is two-colored and 3,5 x 2 cm large.

All parts are packaged in a high quality 3cm high telescope carton with 12“ sizes. The box set is four color printed on front and back, vinyl and book are cased inside by foam material.

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Diene der Party

The fifth longplayer „Diene der Party“ („serve the party“) turns out to be full Pascow-esk album directly from the start. German speaking punkrock: from fast to furious, from melodic to catchy, from critical to gloomy, from ironical to witty. Expand grown qualities, explore new ones – this is how you could summarize the 15 songs. Where you once found coded lyrics you’ll find clearer statements nowadays. But after all it is still all about the songs, the melodies and the energy. At the same time the boys are moving onto new ground. The title track sounds surprisingly new and different. Most notably the driving beat of the drums and bass, guitars lurking from behind and the demanding vocals which we haven’t heard like that before. The song “Castle Rock” comes along with dance-punk influences, a hitting bass combined with snotty singing. An extremely manifold album, but still offering the musical familiarity we knew so far. Up to now their strongest record with 15 intelligent, premium punk rock songs, recorded at Studio 45 and produced by Kurt Ebelhäuser. The coloured vinyl comes with an extra thick booklet and a download code, CD in a nice digipak with 20 page booklet.

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Powerful punkrock with German lyrics!


Split (Pascow-Spermbirds)

Coloured 2x 7″ (sold out)
Pascow and Spermbirds work together on a project and the outcome is an extraordinary piece of work. Pascow cover respectively interpret two songs. First of all “Spraypaint the walls”, an unreleased song by “Cüntsler“, a band from Düsseldorf. Pascow newly arranged and shortened the song. The second song is Dackelblut’s “Friseur” from the LP “Schützen und Fördern”. Pascow play the song faster and with a lot of drive, yet they stay close to the original which really suits their interpretation of the song. Nevertheless you cannot make a Dackelblut –Song better than the original. So it’s a sovereign and respectful way to deal with a German punk rock classic.
The two Spermbirds songs were recorded during the sessions for the „A Columbus Feeling“ album, but remained unfinished as the band run out of time. Guitar player Steve Wiles took care of the fragmented tracks, followed by a new mixing and mastering. “What Jet said” is a great melodic midtempo stomper, “Running in Front of Cars” is fast and furious, and deals textually with a guy who likes to run in front of cars.
About the packaging: This work comes as vinyl version only, a double 7 in a thick gatefold cover. The artwork is from Kay Oezdemir. Both 7“s come in different vinyl colours matching the cover. Additionally you get a the corresponding download codes. Lyrics are on the inside of the cover. In the end an extraordinary work with lots of love for the detail.

Alles Muss Kaputt Sein

LP/ Digipak CD
What relevance does German Punk rock have in 2010? It doesn’t matter (at all). With their new record “Alles muss kaputt sein”, Pascow continue right at the point they ended three years ago. The new record is a little more defined, the lyrics maybe more direct, and the mastery of their instruments even better. But after all it is still all about the songs, the melodies and the energy. Above all the seriousness in their songs they still manage not to get cynical. Up to now their strongest record with 15 intelligent, premium Punk rock songs, recorded at Studio 45 and produced by Kurt Ebelhäuser.

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