Amor Y Basura

LP (release date 22.05.)
It has been three long boring years since the mariachi rock en roll inbreds released their last album It’s A Long Long Way To Meximotown. Why? Nobody knows why. In late 2012 they exclaimed “we have won the war we went out to fight. Taco stands have crept into all of society, our job here is complete.”. So they called one last show, then played a few more, and one more, and another, etcetera. The truth might be that they went to live in Florida without visas, worked as ukulele repair men, acquired terrible drug habits and gave many children a fatherless mother. The truth might live in a forgotten novel. Then in December 2014 they came back to Mexicow, three overweight has-beens, with some urging to get fit, make some more new dance music, and put that stuff in their hair again. Over 2 evenings they recorded 8 new hit tunes, 8 new short sharp hit tunes, squashed them together and here it is, AMOR Y BASURA, the new short/fast-album from PUTA MADRE BROTHERS. The third!
It sounds older. They are no longer children, yet although the album lacks any wisdom or maturity that you might expect from a band which ages well, it does contain temperament, exhaust pipes, and brand new lyrics.

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Puta Madre Brothers

Australian Mexican Mariachis!

Puta Madre Brothers – Bandcamp

It’s A Long Long Way To Meximotown

lim. coloured LP/CD (Release date: 23.03.)
With the follow up to their earth-shattering 2010 debut album Queso Y Cojones the three dirt-faced men with no mission set a new world class hot-sauce standard in sound and fury where insanity is only four short breaths away on It’s A Long Long Way To Meximotown. Here the band reflect upon themselves in the dirty water sink just home from war, with dreams of buying a lady icecream and spending the night screaming with her (La Mierda), singing for their wives’ mothers (Para Su Madre) and their ugly dogs (Mi Perro Es Tan Feo), honouring the man they wish was their father (A Theme For Vincent Fernandez) and summoning the spirits who appeared in the ceiling of their tour van at 4.15am whilst travelling the battleplains of Europe in 2011… Nathaniel Meyer, Richie Valens, Mariachi Vargas, and, yes, Cypress Hill. This 14 track album will blow your pants apart and make you cry for your mothers caress. Included in this cacophonous dancefloor dirt slew is re-invigorations of two modern classics, Todo El Asunto is the brothers’ take on the Those Darlins hit tune The Whole Damn Thing, and they turn the finger blues of CW Stoneking into a Spanglish funk number with Blues Dodo (Dodo Blues). Limited Vinyl with bonus track.

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Queso Y Cojones

CD (Picture LP sold out!)
The world’s only surviving one-man-band-times-3; three dirt-faced Zapatista wanna-be’s each armed with a guitar, a kick drum and a menagerie of foot percussion. They’re here to spread across the globe the new sound- Meximotown- where traditional Mariachi melodies meet with garage rock and 50′s soul rhythms, all mixed up into a frenzy of maniac drama and desert shaking get-downs. Straight from a shootout scene in a B-Grade Western film, Puta Madre Brothers enter the world wearing brown-face, military green outfits and coifs sharp enough to slice your taco in two. They sing and howl in poorly learned Spanish and and summon the good dead ghost spirits of Richie Valens, Nathaniel Mayer and Pedro Vargas into an experience full of western mariachi chaos and hi-energy rock n roll soul antics!

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