Split (Spermbirds-Walter Elf)

Limited coloured 7″ (sold out)
The split single “Don’t Forget The Fun”, here the remastered reissue of the brother bands’ debut, was originally released in 1986 on X-Mist Records. Spermbirds: A milestone for the German hardcore punk, punk as fuck: fast, furious, powerful, inventive and new for Europe. Lyrics by ex-GI Lee Hollis, full of cynicism/spite on one hand and love of life on the other. 3 tracks, incl. “My God Rides a Skateboard” in a different version, plus the rare “Shit rolls down hill” and “She’s got VD”. Die Walter Elf: Their alter ego, being influenced by melodic US punk rock in the vein of Descendents and early 80s British bands like Undertones, Chelsea and Stiff Little Fingers. They deliver two tracks: “Kaiserslautern”, a hommage to their hometown Kaiserslautern, and “15 Bier”, which deals with unrequited love and, as a consequence, drinking too much alcohol. The Vinyl comes with lyric sheet and liner notes by Lee and Beppo.


The German Hardcore-Punk-Dinosaur, on the map since the early 80s.


Split (Pascow-Spermbirds)

Coloured 2x 7″ (sold out)
Pascow and Spermbirds work together on a project and the outcome is an extraordinary piece of work. Pascow cover respectively interpret two songs. First of all “Spraypaint the walls”, an unreleased song by “Cüntsler“, a band from Düsseldorf. Pascow newly arranged and shortened the song. The second song is Dackelblut’s “Friseur” from the LP “Schützen und Fördern”. Pascow play the song faster and with a lot of drive, yet they stay close to the original which really suits their interpretation of the song. Nevertheless you cannot make a Dackelblut –Song better than the original. So it’s a sovereign and respectful way to deal with a German punk rock classic.
The two Spermbirds songs were recorded during the sessions for the „A Columbus Feeling“ album, but remained unfinished as the band run out of time. Guitar player Steve Wiles took care of the fragmented tracks, followed by a new mixing and mastering. “What Jet said” is a great melodic midtempo stomper, “Running in Front of Cars” is fast and furious, and deals textually with a guy who likes to run in front of cars.
About the packaging: This work comes as vinyl version only, a double 7 in a thick gatefold cover. The artwork is from Kay Oezdemir. Both 7“s come in different vinyl colours matching the cover. Additionally you get a the corresponding download codes. Lyrics are on the inside of the cover. In the end an extraordinary work with lots of love for the detail.

A Columbus Feeling

limited LP/CD
We listen to 14 new tracks and singer Lee Hollis shows top form, his finest lyrics to date: sarcastic and black humoured, but with a more personal reference this time. To keep it short and simple: Spermbirds are back to the roots, with massive power and great song writing in perfect production.

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Me And My People

Me And My People is a D.I.Y.-Film that tells the story of the Spermbirds, one of Europe’s first Hardcore bands. It is also about the longtime friendship of five young dudes from a German smalltown, driven by the thrill and the vision of a new social and musical era that american hc promised.

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Something To Prove

coloured LP / Digipak CD (PicLP sold out!)
Maybe one of the most important european HC-Punk classics. The K-town gang with their debut of furious and fast punkrock. 30 songs, remastered, digipak comes with 5 never on CD released rare bonus songs and complete “Nothing Is Easy” album.

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Set An Example

CD (Bonus)
In 2004 Set an example was the first album in original line-up after a six year break. The CD now comes enhanced with the exclusive bonus track “Something good” from the split single with Genepool. 15 killer tracks with cynical lyrics, somewhere between “common thread” and the earlier stuff.

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