Stick Boy

Noise Pop from Saarbrücken!


180gr. LP+CD
When DINOSAUR JR brought their third Longplayer in October 1988 via SST Records into the noise pit, they simultaneously predestined the foundation of STICK BOY, which was to follow 13 years later. By common preferences for brute noise acts like UNSANE or alternatively tinged noise dudes as JESUS LIZARD as well as the back catalog of labels like SST Records and Touch&Go, and moreover adoring all releases produced by STEVE ALBINI, it was decided as a quartet not to reinvent the wheel of music at all but to demand the minimum by making the most of 1:30 minutes. To the founding members belonged MR. JAMES BOYLE (SLY&BOYLE), who then preferred like the SPERMBIRDS icon Lee HOLLIS following his career as G.I. Joe to add some more value to the South-West of Germany with his music. The listing of STICK BOY’s 2003 release SUMO in a playlist of German ROCK HARD magazine can be considered as their first success worth mentioning. Performing as a trio of two men and one woman since 2009, STICK BOY presents with their latest release SUC. NOISE POP for adults made by adults.

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