Kaos Conspiracy (Split with Dangerman)


The Bone Idles, hailing from Karlsruhe/Germany, and their Norwegian friends Dangerman release their new split album with 11 new songs in total. The CD version has four bonus tracks, that only appeared on a limited 7” single before: Bone Idles cover „Disiplin“ (Svart Framtid) and „Tough guy“ (Beastie Boys), Dangerman „Letter From An Occupant“ (New Pornographers) und „Nobody’s Diary“ (Yazoo). The Bone Idles still play old school hardcore and Gunnar’s voice (ex So Much Hate) is still rough and powerful. Dangerman, with members of Life But How To Live It?, So Much Hate and Drunk, play fast forward punk rock with some hardcore influences and snotty vocals.

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The Bone-Idles

The Voice of “So much Hate” is back on the map with his new band THE BONE-IDLES!


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Beware of…

limited 10″ (2011)
„Beware of…“ is the debut album of Karlsruhe’s all-star project with (ex-)members of Baffdecks, Royal Turds, Tubesuckers and Norwegian punk legend Gunnar (So Much Hate, Kafka Process) on vocals. The style could be easily described as old school with rough vocals. Ten high speed songs, raw and powerful, on coloured 10” vinyl, packaged in a gatefold cover!

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