The Sensational Skydrunk Heartbeat Orchestra

Wild mixture of ska, reggae, punk … from Bavaria

Tainted Love

limited 10″
The band of nine from the heart of Bavaria is looking back on a highly productive year. They released their second album “Hinterland“ and played more than 40 live shows all over Germany. But eventually, the boys returned to the studio to record yet another of their bombastic cover versions: the 60s chart breaker “Tainted Love“. Soft Cell did quite a good job – we know that! But now it’s the Skydrunks’ turn with a tuba, turntables and an accordion. Never mind Cool Britannia, this is Cool Bavaria: An Oktoberfest polka beat makes way for a ska monster. Then the brass section takes the lead, only to crash the whole parade into a wall of dubstep.
Three more songs are to be found on the EP. “Doing me wrong“ is a classic rock ballad with a saxophone (sic!) – and is as cool as it gets. “Run, run, run“ feels like fireworks on Hogmanay, exploding in the ska funk sky. And “Dylanesque“, a thoughtful, political song with a stomping hip hop beat and a glockenspiel – the latest implement in the Skydrunk’s musical toolkit.

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„Hinterland”, the second album of The Sensational Skydrunk Heartbeat Orchestra, will be released on September 30th 2011 on Rookie Records. Two years after their debut album, „Hinterland” picks up, where “Grown” stopped: no rules, no patterns, no boredom. Lots of different styles are being used and put together for some new tracks. From ska to funk, from African Beat to classic ballads, all kinds of musical styles can be found and heard by the listeners.
Hinterland is a grown up and mature album, which features straight and catchy songs brimming over with ideas. Still the instrumentation stays the same: Base, guitar, drums and voice are being bolstered up by an accordion, turntables and a brass section. All of this leads to a unique sound full of energy and diversity, that only lacks of one thing: chaos. Expect the unexpected.

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On their debut “Grown” the band of nine from the heart of Bavaria presents ten songs, which show the diversity and possibilities of such an extraordinary ensemble. The foundation of their songs is the offbeat, which embraces us with ska and reggae vibes. Reading the band’s name, you might think: “Wow! That sounds like a fascinating, mind-boggling ska band to me!” And, you are right: TSSHO is the wildest mixture of music since … I don’t know when. You get ska, reggae, rock, punk, polka, country and hip-hop. They sing and scream, dance and rock, strum and scratch, squeeze and blow. This album is not only worth listening to, it is worth dancing, jumping, screaming and sweating along with it.

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