The Stanfields

New band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Rock ‘n’ roll meets Eastcoast bluegrass with irish-scottish influences.

Modem Operandi

LP/CD (in cooperation with GroundSwell Music)
On 18. September comes the fourth longplayer of the Eastcoats Canadians called Modem Operandi. First time listening we were really suprised as the band did expand their repertoire in a very special and unique style. From Rock’n’Roll, that might fill arena, to acoustic sessions at the bar the Macs and Murphys integrate blues and experimental influences, that still have their scottish-Irish roots.Jason Wright at the bouzouki and Craig Harris on bass and mandoline left the band for private reasons. We welcome Calen Kinneyan (bouzouki and Fidel) and Dillan Tate on Bass.

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For King And Country

LP/CD (in Cooperation with GroundSwell)
Singer Jon Landry explains the band’s motivation to write the acoustic album as follows: „There was no motive to write “For King and Country” other than trying to challenge ourselves. As songwriters, we always have an axe to grind in terms of lyrical expression. That will never change. Our world is too fucked up to let things slide. Be forewarned that the lyrics tend to lean towards the sarcastic side at times. I’m told sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but then again some people take art way to seriously. All that aside, it was our collective desire to return to the core of what makes our band tick; western folk music and the vast expanse of form and style in which it presents itself. We love John Prine and Tommy Emmanuel. We lose our shit over Planxty and Neil Young. Ricky Skaggs is the man. To date, we’ve made a couple rock and roll records that we are proud of and that we will always stand behind. Rest assured to the initiated, we will continually attempt to peel the paint off the walls of your local tavern, legion, youth centre or arena. We haven’t gone soft. In fact, I think we went harder. We hope you enjoy listening to “For King and Country” as much as we did making it, as a group of friends jamming in a cottage over a few nights full of whiskey, cheer and song. Exactly the way we started our band in the first place.“

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07.05.14 Bremen, MS Treue
08.05.14 Hannover, Lux
09.05.14 Hamburg, Hafengeburtstag (Jolly Roger Bühne)
10.05.14 Dresden, Puschkin Club
11.05.14 Berlin, Roadrunners
13.05.14 Würzburg, Cairo
14.05.14 Nürnberg, K4
15.05.14 Schrobenhausen, Lindenkeller
16.05.14 Frankfurt, Elfer
17.05.14 Münster, Gleis 22
18.05.14 Köln, Lotta (Acoustic set)

Death & Taxes

Everyone has a story to tell about The Stanfields – if you don’t, give it time. Inciting mosh pits and still making Mom proud, The Stanfields attract fans of all classes and creeds with their rhythm-fueled hard rock laced with traditional roots sounds. There are no glamorous motives – just five working class Canadians with an honest desire to entertain. With the help of iconic producer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith) The Stanfields better capture the intensity of their riotous live show on their new album “Death & Taxes” with harder, faster and full-on thunderous waves of rhythm and roaring harmonies behind menacing leads. “We’ve grown to be louder, faster versions of ourselves. Many thousands of road and air miles, and all the trappings therein, tend to have that kind of effect on a band like ours,” Jon explains. “Where Vanguard is all over the place stylistically, Death & Taxes is more focused on our rock and roll influences.” And that’s where The Stanfields’ culture meets their simple desire to entertain – the stuff stories are made of.

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