Kaufe dieses Buch (song book)

Song book, 84 pages
More than 30 years later und 20 years after the split of the band we are proud to present a very special fan item. Key facts: 17 songs through all periods including notation for playing along at home. Liner notes of the writers, entertaining memories and anecdotes of the musicians of 30 years, unreleased pics, on and behind the stage. Limited edition!

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Split (Walter Elf-Spermbirds)

Limited coloured 7″ (sold out)
The split single “Don’t Forget The Fun”, here the remastered reissue of the brother bands’ debut, was originally released in 1986 on X-Mist Records. Spermbirds: A milestone for the German hardcore punk, punk as fuck: fast, furious, powerful, inventive and new for Europe. Lyrics by ex-GI Lee Hollis, full of cynicism/spite on one hand and love of life on the other. 3 tracks, incl. “My God Rides a Skateboard” in a different version, plus the rare “Shit rolls down hill” and “She’s got VD”. Die Walter Elf: Their alter ego, being influenced by melodic US punk rock in the vein of Descendents and early 80s British bands like Undertones, Chelsea and Stiff Little Fingers. They deliver two tracks: “Kaiserslautern”, a hommage to their hometown Kaiserslautern, and “15 Bier”, which deals with unrequited love and, as a consequence, drinking too much alcohol. The Vinyl comes with lyric sheet and liner notes by Lee and Beppo.

Walter Elf

The K-town gang with melodic punkrock.


Männer in Rot

7″/ Single CD
After 19 (!) years, which has seen just fans of the band only treated to the odd reunion show, they are back with new material! Title track “Manner in Rot” is coupled with “Der Betze Brennt” and “1991 (Lautern 3, Barcelona 1)” – the latter dedicated to their first love, FC Kaiserslautern football club.

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Heut oder nie

CD + Bonus (LP sold out)
Re-Issue of the first album, coming with 14 poppy punkrock tunes (all remastered) about football, love & alcohol. Trumpet fueled Party-Punk with great sing-alongs, CD coming with bonus songs of the very first 7″ and one which only appeared on a rare single collection.

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